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TomatoSALE is a world full top shopping destinations, retailers and the right kind of offers customers just can’t say no to. In short we are your number ONE destination when you are looking for something maybe it be anything from a needle to an elephant! What ever you’re looking for we know where you can go in your city to get it, and top it all of us – we give you more than enough choices to make your mind up!

In itself the range of categories that we offer is a vast array of a shopping nebula for your own picking and choosing as you like! In addition to an easy to scroll offers and retailers page, we aim at making the most for our users – shopping will never be the same for you once you visit us and allow us to introduce you to a world of offers and shopping guides leading you to a fruitful experience.

A unique feature of letting us be your shopping guide and using us as your user mantra is the ability to choose and select from a wide range of brands on offer on our webpage – you’ll feel like you’ve walked into that store as you browse through especially tagged offers and unique discounts at each brand store on our website.

When you come to us we will ensure that whatever is it that you need or want is there for your taking – You visit, You buy! Whether they be luxury items such as shoes or gold or simply your weekly shopping – we have it all lined up for you!

You no longer need to type in long sentences or filter words on a search engine, all you need to do is visit our page and simply filter the city you are in to reach a easy to follow list of locations and stores or even shopping malls in your local area – what’s more you can also drop down to a local store you always wondered where it maybe! With its complete contact and address details just waiting for you at Tomato.

To make your visit more interactive we offer live deals and special discounts, you can like or dislike our listings as well and offer a full review. Not only that, we help you connect as well, if your confused or haven’t decided just browse through our comments page to view what other excited shoppers like you think of a local store or an international brand.

You won’t want to leave us, well you don’t have to just login and sign up for our weekly newsletter! We are so easy to find you can just download us on your phone as use it on the go to find your favourite listings! 


BUSINESS - What you mean to us! 

Are you the local store owner in your area and want your customers to easily access you, do you feel there isn’t enough foot fall? Or are you an international brand wanting to target 100% of your surrounding market and be accessible not only to the occasional shopper but prove that you have more then what shoppers think you can offer?

We have all those solutions for you on our website – Tomato! Just come to us and fill in our easy to fill registration form to instantly open a readymade account with TomatoSale!

With us you will never understand how you managed without us! On offer is a wide range of business growth models designed just for you. You can manage your business easily and also partner up with other various stores too reach out to common customers by offering them combined promotional offers.

Our reporting stream will offer you a dashboard which enables you to view up to date statistics on other stores and listings we have with us enabling you to match them and attract more customers. Segmentation is an important part of your business model, we understand that more then you think, that’s why we have a huge rang of business segments you can list your store or brand at; allowing you to target just the right customer.

Not only do we make it easier for you to attract customers, we also provide you with the right kind of tools via our tagging options and detailed service details that you are able to put up. In addition to which you automatically list yourself on Google Maps and Makani when you sign up with us.

So come to us today let your shoppers come directly to you!


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