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We promote everything but tomatoes

If you are looking for a one shop stop to get all the stock you need for the upcoming month, look no further, ‘TomatoSALE’ is the right place for you to visit. And guess what? You don’t even have to take your car out of the garage for getting information about the new offers, promotions, discounts and sale around the Dubai city. Just log in to your computer and get all the offers on your fingertips before heading down to the mall. In this way, you can plan your shopping list beforehand according to your budget.

The name of our website ‘TomatoSALE’ has nothing to do with just the sale of tomatoes as we promote everything you need from grocery to toiletries, travel tickets to travel adventures, baby products to frozen food, furnishing to home décor items, beauty products to fragrances and even cars. In short, you name it and we have it. Plus, we guide you where you can buy the best product at best prices by providing you the information about all the promotional sales and other discount offers going on in different shopping malls of the Dubai City.

We came up with this unique title ‘TomatoSALE’ for our website to intrigue the reader and come looking for what we are offering. And everyone is at first surprised to see the huge list of offers that our site has in store for you to explore and reach to the things that you want to buy within the budget that you have set. We make sure that we are the first ones to introduce any discount or sale that comes live in the city for you to get maximum benefit from it before the stock runs out or the offer expires.

‘TomatoSALE’ is the home for many brands and shopping malls who trust us to promote them by presenting their sales, offers and promotions in a timely manner so that a win-win situation is created for both the customers and their favorite brand companies and/or vendors. We also present the best offers in other Middle Eastern cities beside Dubai like Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman and many more. So, don’t worry about not knowing or missing out on the sale, promotions and discounts in your city and just log in to our site from time to time to keep a track of the promotional or discount offers of your favorite brand in your nearest shopping mall to save a lot of money and get the best possible products and the best value for your money spent.

You can even join us through Facebook or Gmail and get subscribed to our site to get regular emails on the updates of all the promotional sales and discount offers going on in your city. You can also download our app from APP Store or Play Store to be able to view the promotions on the go right through your smartphone. We also have a Facebook page, where we post the ongoing offers in different malls on daily basis, which you can like to stay updated through Facebook.

So, go ahead and enjoy the best promotional offers and discounts in Dubai City by getting an insight into them beforehand using our great website which promotes everything including the tomatoes. And let your friends and family know about this great platform which is and surprise them to find out that the website has everything that can be needed in the day to day life or even in the longer run. Happy Shopping!


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