Summer 2020: 7 ladies night deals to try out in Dubai

As the city begins to open up, and theme nights are starting to crawl back into restaurants, some spots in Dubai have re-introduced ladies night. So, if you’re lucky enough to be born a lady, you can enjoy some great offers and free beverages on certain days of the week.

1.Café M ladies night                                      - Dh50 per person
2.ToroToro ladies night                                    - 3 free beverages and 25 per cent off when ordering a main course
3.Atelier M ladies night                                   - Dh149 per person
4.DaySies ladies day at White Beach                - Dh150 per person
5.A London Thing ladies night at Lucky Voice    - Dh99 Starting
6.That’s Amore Ladies Night at Cinque             - Dh150 per person
7.Crazy Rich Ladies Night at Maiden Shanghai  - Dh150 per person


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